The United Methodist Church

Serving the counties of Pittsylvania, Bedford, Amherst,
Campbell, and the City of Lynchburg

District Leadership

Lynchburg District Board of Church Location and Building (elected at Annual Conference 2021)

  • Bill Burleigh-Trustee (chair)
  • Connie Coleman
  • Denise Bates
  • Bob Sherman
  • Mark Tucker
  • Lynn Watson-Trustee
  • Frank Wright
  • Leigh Anne Taylor

Lynchburg District Committee of Ordained Ministry (elected at Annual Conference 2021)

  • Dawn Compton (chair)
  • Patricia Brown
  • Mary Hancock
  • Bart Fletcher
  • David Edinger
  • Linda McCane
  • Willie Weigand
  • Denise Bates
  • Leigh Anne Taylor
  • Michelle Kim

Lynchburg District Finance Committee 

  • Willie Weigand
  • Bill Burleigh
  • Leigh Anne Taylor
  • Denise Bates
  • Susan White (District Lay Leader)
  • Charley Jones (Chair)

Lynchburg District Committee on Superintendency

  • Denny Van Aalsburg (chair)
  • David Lord
  • Mark Tucker
  • Travis Morris
  • Susan White (District Lay Leader)

Lynchburg District Common Table

  • David Edinger, Chair
  • Bill Burleigh, Chair of Church Location and Building
  • Chris Howell, District Director of Lay Servant Ministries
  • Nancy Johnson, Cluster Groups Facilitator
  • Susan White, District Lay Leader
  • Dawn Compton, Chair of District Committee on Ordained Ministry
  • Leigh Anne Taylor, Revitalization Coordinator
  • Denise Bates, District Superintendent

Lynchburg District Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development

  • Amy Beth Coleman (chair)
  • Denise Bates
  • Susan White (District Lay Leader)
  • Denny Van Aalsburg

Lynchburg District Lay Leader 

  • Susan White